Back from Sun Tech Days

I’m back from the Sun Tech Days, back from Milan to Rome.


This year the Java Conference has converged in the Worldwide Developer Conference. Therefore, italian developers have experienced both: the “italian” feeling of Java Conference and the “international” feeling of Tech Days. Cool topics and presentations, hi-end hands-on sessions and the unvaluable opportunity to talk with Sun’s gurus on Java and Solaris. I’d like to thank Emanuela Giannetta, who supported me during presentation setup, Nichole Scott, who gaves me this cool Sun SPOT t-shirt


and Fabrizio Gianneschi, who introduced me to the Sun SPOT world.

As usual, presentation is available on slideshare:

This is the long “backup” video of the DEMO:

2 pensieri su “Back from Sun Tech Days

  1. fede

    Thanks stefano,
    we (me and Paolo) like your speech at the java tech days in Milan.

    When we return at Bologna we discuss about our preferred speeches and your is in the list of our preference.

    Paolo have a better knowledge in the field and I take his opinion even more important that mine.


  2. gerdavax Autore articolo

    Hi Federico,

    thank you for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate your feedback and I hope we will have new opportunities to meet and to collaborate. Paolo is a smart guy, I’d like to attend his presentation about Java on embedded systems… Will wait for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    See you (all) soon.


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