A proposal for RFID icon

Harmonizing icons is a way to simplify access to well-known functionalities and services of computer and devices. The advent of “Web 2.0” brings new icons that are related to social services and distributed resources. The most famous of this new generation of icons is the RSS icon:


You can find this icon on web sites, client software, mobile devices, wherever there is a feed you can subscribe to. Something similar has been proposed for OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language), an XML format for outlines:


Other icons are still on the road. Working on RFID world, I’ve found that an icon to identify tags is still missing. Such an icons could be used as a sticker on real objects to show that it can be read with a suitable reader. Or it could be placed on a web site promoting a place to indicate that resource are tagged. I’ve tried to create an icon for RFID tags, starting from the feeling of RSS and OPML icons. This is my humble proposal for that:


Does anybody like this icon? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Steve

    Actually, yes, I do like that icon. I like the simplicity of these icon styles, like the RSS icon. They have a good 3D look, but are not over-complicated, plus they can scale well without loosing readability.

  2. gerdavax Autore articolo

    Hi Steve. Thank you for your comment. Any idea how to “spread the word”, how to promote (or, better, discuss) the adoption of an icon for RFID tags? Maybe I could just contact the authors of RSS and OPML icons…

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