Autostart of MIDlets on J9 MIDP runtime

It is easy to let a MIDlet autostart on J9 for Windows Mobile devices: you just have to prepare a script and place it in the right place.

If you have installed J9 binaries on


and jad file is this:


you can edit on your desktop a link file (text file with .lnk extension) with this line:

255#”\J9\MIDP20\bin\emulator.exe” “-Xdescriptor:file:///HelloWorld.jad”

and copy this file (e.g., app.lnk) in the autostart directory under Windows folder. In the italian version it is:

\windows\esecuzione automatica

(“esecuzione automatica” means “automatic execution”), you fill find something similar on your device, whatever language you have.

If you use Windows Mobile 2003 you’ll experience autostart only when the device is being rebooted. I tested this solution with WEME 6.1.1 on a Qtek 9090.

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